Security camera footage shows a tornado hitting a children’s playground.

Things really start blowing around 1:15. This footage of a tornado blowing through a pre-school playground outside of St. Luke United Methodist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi, not only captures the awesome power of nature, but the incredible durability of playground equipment and security cameras. It looks like entire houses fly through the shot in pieces while the jungle gym hardly moves.  The eerie reverse-Wizard of Oz color thing going on is the result of the camera switching from daylight to night mode as the storm passed. Hopefully that means the cars seen driving by in the background had plenty of time to be long gone before the impact. But if anyone happens to be caught driving in the area of a tornado, I suggest hunkering down at the nearest pre-school playground. (by Jonathan Corbett)

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Sparkling Sidewalks That Reduce The Need For Street Lighting

There’s little need to be wary of a nighttime stroll though a park in Cambridge, England. During the day, particles in the surface of the path absorb UV light. In the evening, they release that energy again. The result is a beautiful effect that its creators call “Starpath.”

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Awesome idea for communities but still not bright enough to secure unsafe areas…